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Sep 21, 2012 7:00am EDT
an anti-islamic film made in the united states. some have ignored the message. there's been clashes after friday prayers in some cities. [applause] >> the government had called the peaceful protest, but here in northwest pakistan, they soon turned violent. these demonstrators attacking a sin mark in a city, setting it on fire. they've already been casualties in clashes where the police with one support reported to have been killed. it was the prime minister and his government who had made friday what they called a special day of love for the prophet muhammad. a chance for the entire nation to protest at what they see as the blasphemous video made in the united states. >> an attack of the holy prophet is an attack on the -- therefore, this is something that is unacceptable. >> there had already been clashes in the capital on thursday outside the united states embassy. fearing even worse today, the american government took the unusual step of placing this advertisement on pakistan television, hoping it would diffuse tensions. >> since our founding, the united states has been a nation that r
Sep 21, 2012 6:00pm EDT
united states and pakistan. >> ok, when you're at the state department, you revise the u.s. government on relations between pakistan and afghanistan. mousavi video president obama put out, this thing -- you saw the video president obama put up, distancing america from the film. does that help? >> it does help. it is the first time united states is taking this kind of innovative pro-active measure. in some ways, you are trying to use this when already a tidal wave has started. it is hard to stop a tidal wave. >> is there anything washington can do? >> keep engaging on an ongoing basis. not this one a crisis happens. also, when we have disagreements with pakastani, we should explain ourselves to them. we should have kept them engaged. where we see the consequences of the collapse of the relationship as we saw today, then we try to come up with these measures, and often they are good, but they are too little to late. >> is that the problem? we have a short-term policy? >> we decided we should punish them, put pressure on pakistan. well, it worked to an extent, but the consequences also pu
Sep 25, 2012 7:00am EDT
drones. it is coming from two respected universities in the united states. i think if this message is coming from independent academics and the united states, maybe it will be listened to. the report conclude the strikes are damaging and counterproductive. they estimate the overall number of top leaders killed among the drone victims is perhaps only 2%. they say while they are not killing the top tier or not be enough of the commanders, they are terrorizing an entire community. that is the word that they use, stressing that the drones hovering overhead night and day. they say communities are paralyzed by fear and many people are too frightened to go to import and gatherings. parent are keeping their children out of schools or the children themselves are too traumatized to go. the level of fear has been compared to the level of fear in the u.s. after 9/11. >> the report also says the vast majority of those victims are combatants or low-level combatants. americas argument is if it did not use drones, it would have to use much more interest of tactics to go after these combatants. >>
Sep 13, 2012 7:00am EDT
president morsi is in europe and he wants imf money and money from the united states, so the last thing he wants now is to alienate western opinion. >> we go to tripoli. there is a bit of a delay on the line. obvisly, given the death of the american ambassador and the u.s., the obama response to that, give us a sense of the mood, the tension in the country -- in the country today. >> i can tell you that the indians have taken to the streets, albeit in small numbers -- libyans have taken to the streets, albeit in small numbers, soon after the announcement of the death of the ambassador to libya. a lot of people here are very angry. they are also worried about the implication this will have diplomatically, and and a wider context, worried about foreign countries thinking twice about setting up shop here in the future. a lot of people angry, mainly, by what happened. they don't want to be seen in that light. they said that the transition period is difficult enough as it is, and there are a lot of challenges ahead. they are looking to build stronger ties with the west, which they see that they
Sep 6, 2012 7:00am EDT
bodies of her mother, father, and grandmother. >> still to come on gmt, the search is on in the united states for those behind an elaborate bank robbery. was a real or was it a hoax? bullfighting has been shown live on spanish public television for the first time in six years. the ban has been lifted by the spanish prime minister. >>♪ >> supporters say it celebrates spain's cultural heritage. critics insist it is outdated and cruel. six years ago, bullfighting was banned from the widely watched television channel, a decision made by the previous socialist government. now bullfighting is back on state tv in a prime-time spot. >> i like it very much because young people will once again see the bulls and a this is what we want. >> it seems very good to me indeed. it is about time. >> the decision was made by the pro-bullfighting prime minister who is hoping to make the sport a staple of spanish tv once again. but the move has angered animal rights campaigners. >> we see this as a backward step not only from a social and ethical point of view about what it means for torturing animals. >>
Sep 11, 2012 7:00am EDT
as water levels reach more than a meter. the pakistani doctor who helped of the united states to locate osama bin laden's hideout has told a u.s. tv network that the country that is powerful -- powerful spy agency, isi among regards america as its worst enemy. in an interview from his present in bashar dr. shakil afridi said the deposed who interrogated him said he helped pakistan that a worst enemy, worse even than the indians. pretty extraordinary remarks if they stand up to scrutiny. >> yes, although that is how a lot of people imagine the pakistani intelligence agencies do you the world. a lot of pakistanis, indeed, the things that way as well. a great deal of anti-americanism here at the moment. but this is all focussed on dr. shakil afridi, a man arrested about 20 days after the raid in which osama bin laden was killed because he had set up a fake vaccination program, and the idea was that he somehow obtained a blood samples and dna samples from the bin laden compound in order to verify whether the al-qaeda leader was there are not. we are not clear about whether he was ever able
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6